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Adorable rustic wedding in Tuscany

rustic wedding in Tuscany

This lovely sweet rustic wedding in Tuscany takes place right at the beginning of June. The location is one of the most picturesque farmhouses and villas in Tuscany (Villa Catignano). The complex of buildings consists of the main noble villa and then various farmhouses and outbuildings. The location is wonderful to photograph, every angle is delightfully run down and just the right amount of crustiness… rustic but not too rustic!

Rustic wedding in Tuscany – Getting ready

The bride and bridesmaids are having their hair and makeup done downstairs and the boys are in the swimming pool. I arrive at the villa and start with a few photos outside before things start to get set up for the wedding. Once I have the images of the location I head to the main villa. The bride is very talented and has made her own dress! It is a lovely dress and has a unique feature on the back. There are four buttons from four generations of wedding dresses that are in the family. I take some extra shots of the dress as I can’t imagine how many hours it takes to create a dress like this.

After photographing the dress I take some photos of her other details and then it’s time to take some photos of the guys getting ready.

Smartly dressed and quick-witted describes them well. There is plenty of banter and joking as they get ready. Once they are all dressed they enjoy some drinks before I leave them to continue their conversations. It’s now time for the bride to put that dress on. As her friends and family help her I snap away and capture the moments. Once ready, her father enters to see her and is evidently emotional to see his daughter in her wedding dress.

Rustic wedding in Tuscany – The Ceremony

The ceremony takes place in the lemon garden. After you wind your way through the Italian garden you pass the 4 statues and then you walk down the long aisle with lemon trees in their vases on either side. The ceremony is lovely and emotional, There are two readings from guests and then they exchange their vows and rings.

As they exit the ceremony the guests shower them with petals and rice and the party gets started.

rustic wedding in Tuscany

The Cocktails and Photos

There are drinks and food available for everyone. Plenty of delicious Tuscan meats, cheeses, flatbreads, cold salads and more. Guests mingle socialize and congratulate the happy couple. After about an hour of everyone relaxing it is time for the family and group photos. These don’t take too long and once they are done it is time for the couple portraits.

It is nice for the newlyweds to spend a little quiet time together as it gives them a chance to catch up with each other and swap stories from the day and more. As they enjoy the soft sunlight and pleasant temperatures we visit a few quick locations and I grab the images I need. The sun sets and it is dusk and time for their wedding reception.

Wedding Reception, Toasts, Cake and Party

Seeing as the entire wedding party is quite small the dinner is in a corner of the garden. Many weddings at this location have their wedding reception in the courtyard between the buildings. This is indeed a lovely place for a wedding reception but with a small group they would be lost in such a large space. There a some amusing toasts, a very entertaining singalong and the the cake cutting.

To end this lovely rustic wedding the wedding party moves up to an indoor hall where there are first dances, live music and partying!

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