Relais La Suvera wedding

relais la suvera wedding

This Relais La Suvera wedding takes place in autumn. As the temperatures are cooler and the days are shorter the couple chooses to have a morning wedding ceremony followed by a casual lunch with their guests.

What is unique about a Relais La Suvera wedding?

La Suvera is an interesting venue. It really is quite original. Based on a 16th Century castle the architecture is impressive and the location is very private. There are various converted outbuildings where guests can lodge and a good restaurant on site. Most useful for weddings is the fact that La Suvera has its own church right in the garden. You can get ready and just walk across the square to your wedding!

Nearby, there is also the famous San Galgano Abbey which is always great for photos.

Groom getting ready at relais la suvera wedding

Relais La Suvera wedding – Grooms Preparations.

This is a very small wedding but the strength and importance of family and close friends are evident all day. I start my photography with the groom getting ready with his two best men. We take photos in the library are as they help each other with their finishing touches. Meanwhile, the bride is finishing her hair and makeup.

Once they are ready the groom goes to put some finishing touches inside the church and I head downstairs to take a few photos of the bride.

Bride getting ready – Relais La Suvera wedding

The bride is almost ready with her two bridesmaids. The bride requests that I only take a few photos of her as she finishes getting ready. Once ready, we all step outside and she meets her extremely proud father, he is waiting to escort her to the church.

proud father hands over the bride

Catholic Ceremony – Relais La Suvera wedding

The bride enters to lovely classical music and her father escorts her in, she is carefully handed over to the groom and the ceremony starts. The wedding ceremony is lovely and everyone attentively listens to the priest. The exchanging of the rings is a touching moment as the bride removes her gloves, revealing her hands ready for the ring. She expertly folds them and passes them to a bridesmaid. She then receives her wedding ring and the bride and groom become husband and wife.

After signing the register, they exit the church to music and outside the are showered with petals. Next, I take some family photos and once everyone has had their photos with the bride and groom we head upstairs.

The wedding lunch

The reception starts with the bride and grooms first dance. This is followed by some drinks and a sit-down lunch. At the end of lunch, they cut their wedding cake and once everyone has had some the reception ends. The bride and groom rest for a while and put their little boy to sleep and then we meet so that I can take them for some photos.

The couple photos

First, we take a few photos at Relais La Suvera and then we head off to San Galgano. The abbey is nice and quiet allowing us to quickly get the images we need. Next, we head to a spot to get some vineyard photos and a few more images in the Tuscan countryside to conclude a great day!

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