poppi castle wedding borgo corsignano

Poppi Castle wedding Borgo Corsignano

Poppi Castle in Tuscany is a gem. The castle is actually called Castello dei Conti Guidi, but everyone seems to refer to it as Poppi Castle. Poppi itself is a lovely little medieval hilltop town to the north of Arezzo. The castle sits proudly on top of the hill and overlooks the surrounding areas and town.

poppi castle wedding borgo corsignano

Poppi castle weddings are popular as the location is very quiet so it has fewer tourists. And of course, it doesn't hurt that the castle is stunning, both inside and out.

Borgo Corsignano wedding venue

Borgo Corsignano is a country resort not far at all from Poppi. The two locations work well together for those looking to have a civil wedding in Italy. You can drive to Poppi castle in a few minutes, enjoy a lovely civil wedding inside the castle and then head back to Borgo Corsignano for your wedding reception.

This particular wedding starts at Borgo Corsignano. On my arrival, I speak to the bride and groom for a few moments, then I then head off to take some photos of the location and explore the extensive grounds and different buildings that Borgo Corsignano wedding venue has to offer.

Wedding preparations at Borgo Corsignano

The bride and groom are both getting ready at Borgo Corsignano, this wedding venue consists of many stone country houses spread out in different areas, the groom is getting ready at an apartment higher up the hill past the chapel. After about 20 mins of photos of the groom and his best men getting ready it is time for me to find the bride. The bride is getting her hair and makeup done in the gym area to the side of the pool. There is a lot of natural light here and space so it's a good place to do their preparations.

The bride is getting ready with her sister and friends, mum and dad too. After her mother closes the dress they help her with her accessories, share a glass of prosecco and then it is time for them to head to the ceremony.

Poppi Castle wedding ceremony

The ceremony takes place in a hall on the first floor of the castle, an impressive room that can easily accommodate larger wedding parties. After the ceremony, whilst the guests make their way outside, we take some photos using the beautiful stone staircase. On exiting the castle, there is a surprise for newlyweds.

poppi castle wedding borgo corsignano

A local group of flag bearers is enacting the medieval tradition of flag throwing. The show is accompanied by drums and trumpets. It is a very entertaining 10-minute spectacle and everyone enjoys the surprise.

While the guests make their way back to the reception we take a few pictures on the streets of Poppi and then we jump in the car.

Borgo Corsignano wedding reception

Cocktails and canapes are abundant and everyone is relaxing in the gardens. After about an hour we take some family photos and then a few more photos of the bride and groom at sunset.

poppi castle wedding borgo corsignano

The dinner reception is taking place inside, the room is a great space for events like this as even though you are inside the room has a lovely feeling and is very spacious. The dinner is wonderful and the barbecued steak is a big hit - just delicious!

At the end of the dinner, there is cake cutting outside and fireworks and a party follow.

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