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Best Wedding Photographer In Tuscany

As a destination wedding photographer traveling the world, my favorite location is Tuscany. I love photographing weddings in Tuscany and it's even better if I am working with my wife who is one of the best wedding planners in Tuscany.

Wedding photography is the art of documenting love stories with photos. For me, there is no better place than Tuscany to do this. Being a wedding photographer based in Tuscany, I have rich knowledge and experience working in Florence, Siena, and all over the region. If you want to see some great venues have a look at this list of Tuscany's exclusive wedding venues.

Capturing romantic destination weddings is my passion. It is a real privilege to tell the love stories of countless couples, and now I want to help you.

I will work with you to guarantee that the photography from the pre-wedding photo-session to the full coverage of the wedding day is all perfect. Giving you precious images to ensure that you and your friends and family can remember every detail of your fabulous wedding celebration for years to come.

tuscany wedding photographer

Some background about my studio

There are many Italian wedding photographers in Tuscany, but I believe that my style is unique. I am English and have over 15 years of experience, this means I have a wealth of information and advice and can easily share it with you.

If you decide to host your destination wedding in Tuscany, choose a wedding photographer who is knowledgeable about the area.

I am not based in Florence but rather about an hour south. My location gives me easy access to Siena, Pienza, Cortona, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Florence, and the entire region of Tuscany.

tuscany wedding photographer

Beautiful Wedding Photos in Tuscany

My experience and knowledge as a top wedding photographer in Tuscany allow me to find the best destinations, wedding venues, and backdrops for perfect photos, no matter the time of day or season. Tuscany has many beautiful areas to choose from. However, it takes a true professional to find the perfect location.

The weather can make or break your wedding. Most weddings are during the spring, summer, and fall months.

  • April-May: lush greens and pockets of color from wild-flowers. The red poppies are gorgeous.
  • June: The fields are full of golden crops that ripple in the breeze.
  • July: Summer settles in, and the crops make way for sunflowers towards the end of the month.
  • August: Sunflowers continue but not in all areas. Temperatures remain hot.
  • September is about the harvesting of the grapes, so the vineyards are ripe with grapes.
  • September - October: Excellent months; temperatures are slightly more refreshing, especially in the evening. The fall colors are lovely.

If you choose to host your destination wedding in Tuscany, choose a wedding photographer who is knowledgeable about the area. I can provide assistance in deciding the best time of year as well as advice on what weather conditions to expect.

tuscany wedding photographer

Amazing venues and locations

Couples from around the world choose Tuscany for their destination wedding in Italy. From the stunning city of Florence to the swoon-worthy countryside that offers dazzling sunsets, the region's natural beauty is undeniable.

There are many types of venue to choose from:

  • Italian Villas: Needless to say, a magnificent Tuscan villa wedding is top of many people's wish list. With villas of different sizes and styles all over Tuscany, you are spoilt for choice.
  • Historic Cities: Tuscan cities are rich with history, priceless works of art, and iconic, awe-inspiring architecture. Florence, Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Cortona are all jewels of Tuscany wedding photography.
  • Countryside Farmhouses: Farmhouses have become a favorite for couples looking for a peaceful and authentic wedding experience in the hills of Tuscany. Immerse yourselves in nature.
  • Impressive Castles: Everyone loves a castle wedding, and Tuscany has some stunning ones to choose from!
  • Beach Resorts: Seaside resorts are the perfect location for water lovers. Italy has thousands of kilometers of beautiful coastline, and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean are a tantalizing prospect for those wanting a beach wedding.

Remember, the surrounding scenery can have a significant impact on your wedding pictures. As a professional Tuscany wedding photographer, I understand the importance of choosing the right destination and using it to its full potential in my images.

tuscany wedding photographer

Venues to Consider for an Intimate Wedding in Tuscany

In my opinion, here are some of the best locations for a wedding in Tuscany. These are also some of the most popular venues, so expect them to be very busy!

These are just a few of the most popular places, but of course, there are many many more. Browsing my website, you will find countless photos of beautiful weddings in Tuscany.

tuscany wedding photographer

Choose The Best Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Selecting the best photographer for your wedding in Tuscany is not an easy thing to do. Find someone with a style you connect with. Check their website and browse entire galleries as well as their portfolio. Please have a look at Instagram, but don't be bamboozled by numbers of followers as they can be purchased for a small fee.

Next, you should send them an email. Try and provide as much information as possible to give them an idea of the size and type of wedding you are planning in Tuscany.

Finally, there is no substitute for a clear conversation. Only by talking to a person will you appreciate their personality and work ethic. You will also understand their character and identify if your personalities are compatible.

tuscany wedding photographer

Enjoy A Stunning Destination Wedding In Tuscany

If you are looking for an award-winning wedding photographer to help capture fabulous wedding photos, then get in touch. I want to talk to you, listen to your ideas, and help you realize your dream wedding.

If you need help planning the wedding you can talk to my wife as a professional wedding planner, she can deliver a vast amount of support and creativity. A well-planned event and great photos are the two essential ingredients for a successful wedding.

At the end of the day, I am a fine art wedding photographer in Italy: Tuscany, Lake Como, Venice, Florence, and Venice are all part of my playground, but I can't help but love Tuscany!

If you are dreaming of getting married in Italy, why not choose Tuscany for your incredible wedding in Italy!

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