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stunning room in villa near Monteriggioni

Siena is an important town in Tuscany and offers a great deal for you to see and do. It is also popular for weddings as it offers good solutions for most types of wedding.

Monteriggioni weddings – Religious weddings

For those wishing to get married in a church, you can visit Monteriggioni and its Romanesque church, you can find it in the middle of the main square of the medieval walled town. You can arrive there in less than 15 minutes from Siena. So for anyone wanting a religious wedding, this could be an ideal solution.

Siena wedding photographer – Civil weddings

If you want a civil wedding then the town hall in Siena is beautiful. It dominates the famous Piazza del Campo. If you ever have the chance to witness Il Palio the famous horse race that takes places in the square the atmosphere is one of a kind.

Blessing ceremony in the Italian gardens

This couple from London decided to have a destination wedding in Italy at a lovely villa near Monteriggioni – Borgo Stomennano. I love this venue as for me it offers incredible atmosphere; the interiors, gardens, driveway, views and hospitality are nothing short of exceptional.

If you prefer to have a garden wedding in Italy then there are plenty of beautiful locations to choose from. None more so than this villa. As you stand in front of the villa and face it, it has two sides the left and right. In front of the left side, which is the main villa with the beautiful rooms and frescoes, period furnishings and rich interiors you will find a lovely lawn area with a fountain and a stone bench recessed into the wall as a focal point. This wedding gallery below features a wedding ceremony in this particular garden.

The gardens are tiered and some people choose to have the ceremony on the upper level. More often than not on the right-hand side (as you look at the villa). Finally, you can also consider using the right side of the gardens (once again the right side as if you were standing in front of Borgo Stomennano), on the lower level there is a lawn and some couples choose to have their ceremony under the large oak tree. I have photographed weddings in each of these locations so I can explain to you the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of each one.

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