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Chic La Locanda dell’Amorosa wedding

Vineyards at La Locanda dell'Amorosa wedding

This La Locanda dell’Amorosa wedding brings back fond memories. This was an Italian wedding and that alone makes it quite different from my usual weddings. I do quite a few weddings where it is necessary to be bilingual but today it’s 100% Italian.

La Locanda dell’Amorosa wedding venue

You can find this lovely place near Sinalunga which isn’t far from Siena. The long cypress tree lined driveway sets the mood as you arrive. At the top, you see through the arch into the main courtyard of the complex and you immediately know that this is an interesting location. The core of the property dates from the fourteenth century. There are also building dating from the 15th, 16th and 18th centuries. Even though there are building from different periods the whole property blends together and combines to be an expansive, warm, welcoming location that oozes rustic charm and simple elegance.

A delightful church overlooks the main square and could be a wonderful choice for a small family wedding. Also, in the middle of the square, there is also a lovely old stone well. Casting an eye around quickly reveals many fascinating architectural features as well as rich colors and tones that create a lovely backdrop for your event.

The venue and preparations

La Locanda dell'Amorosa wedding venue

This La Locanda dell’Amorosa wedding involves a short trip to the church but otherwise, the entire celebration will be on site. I start the day with a few photos of the impressive location. Next, the groom arrives with his friends and they all help each other get ready. It’s a hot day but we stay quite cool inside with the thick brick walls to protect us from the heat outside. Once the gentlemen are ready they head off to the church and I go to find the bride in her apartment.

Her preparations are quick and easy and her girlfriends help her and each other. Before long everyone is ready and it is time to leave. The bride looks radiant as she walks toward her car, a vintage Mercedes that will take her the 10-minute drive to the church.

Abbadia Sicille wedding – Poignant Catholic ceremony.

On arrival at the Abbadia Sicille, the bride’s father helps her from the car and escorts her to the church. The bridesmaids enter, and so do they. The wedding ceremony is emotional and endearing and an hour later the happy couple exit to an intense shower of rice and petals and great excitement!

Everyone returns to La Locanda dell’Amorosa and the festivities start with a welcome prosecco in the main square and then we all move to another area for the further cocktails, finger-foods, live music and family photos.

Elegant but fun wedding reception and party

portrait on the driveway at La Locanda dell'Amorosa

Just before sunset, I take the couple for a quick walk around the venue and once this is complete we all move to dinner. The dinner is in an enclosed garden and benefits from music, amazing food and plenty of wine. There are some very amusing speeches, a hilarious slideshow and a romantic performance by the groom who sings to his bride.

After dinner, the father of the bride, who is a pastry chef completes the decor on the cake. They cut the cake and the groom opens a bottle of champagne with a sword and then it’s party time!

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