Castello di Vicarello wedding welcome dinner
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Castello di Vicarello wedding welcome dinner

This Castello di Vicarello wedding welcome party is the perfect start to the celebrations. The guests have made the long journey to Italy and are literally well off the beaten path. Needless to say, it is now time to reward them with fine food, wine and entertainment in preparation for the big day!

Castello di Vicarello wedding – Cocktails and Italian Music.

It is late September and the temperature is very comfortable. Castello di Vicarello sits in the wild Tuscan scenery overlooking large expanses of greenery and forest. The castle itself revolves around a central courtyard and rooftop terrace that are ideal for cocktails and welcome food and drinks.

The guests arrive and soon the music starts and everyone enjoys the good company, incredible atmosphere, and warm sunshine. Meanwhile, the bar is busy offering delicious white and red wines of local production as well as a large variety of cocktails. During, I spend my time moving from the courtyard to the upper terrace and just capturing people having a good time with friends and loved ones.

castello di vicarello wedding welcome drinks
castello di vicarello wedding welcome drinks
castello di vicarello lawn area

Casual Barbecue with Traditional Italian Music.

Towards sunset, we all move down to the large lawn area for a barbecue dinner. As the guests settle in for a feast I take a few photos of the happy couple using the last rays of amazing light.

After a short introductory toast the party kicks off with a lively quartet playing traditional Italian music. Next, they involve the guests, audience participation and alcohol always provides great entertainment!

lovely last rays of sunlight
elegant florals
excellent traditional Italian music

Following on, there is plenty to eat including pasta and a lot of grilled meats with of course vegetarian options too. As the light drops they party on under the deep blue Tuscan skies.

Finally, we all move back up to the courtyard area where the live band plays and cocktails and dancing ensues. A great way to start your Castello di Vicarello wedding weekend.


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