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This Castello di Casole wedding was so much fun! The large Castle resort is a luxurious country retreat. A discerning clientele gathers at the sanctuary of relaxation that is Castello di Casole.

First of all, my clients are hip, vibrant, energetic and super in love. Their wedding at Castello di Casole is going to be intimate and meaningful. They only have close family and friends as guests. The day starts with stormy weather and as the bride is with the stylists I walk around the grounds. This is my first time at Castello di Casole, hence, a good walk around allows me to familiarize myself with the location. Of course, it is also a good opportunity to takes photos of the scenery, architecture, and ambiance.

The bride gives me some unique details to photograph. Most of all, the shoes; they are quite a statement about her character and style! There are also the rings and her bouquet.

I finish photographing the details, consequently, I go to find the groom who is getting ready in his room just down the corridor from the brides’ suite. The guys are messing around and joking with each other. Once they are all ready we head out into the street to meet the father of the bride.

While I photograph the bride getting ready the weather changes, it becomes very sunny and extremely windy! Seeing as we are having an outdoor wedding in the amphitheater at Castello di Casole, I know it is going to be a challenging wedding to photograph, strong sun, very strong wind.

Top tip: If you get married on a very windy day consider wearing your hair up and fixing them in place. As a result, you will not have them flapping in your face, which is annoying and ruins some photos.

The gale force wind comes from nowhere so there is nothing we can do about it at such short notice – we have to deal with it.

Castello di Casole wedding ceremony

I accompany the bride as she walks from her apartment to the ceremony. She enters the amphitheater and the ecstatic groom meets her halfway. As predicted the ceremony is a sunny windy affair but it is still deeply moving for them.

Once the ceremony concludes the celebrations start immediately with some prosecco for everyone. After the congratulations, hugs, and kisses we leave the party and go for photos. Castello di Casole has some wonderful views of the surrounding countryside so we use them. Thankfully, the wind has also died down, the tranquility is welcomed after the blustery ceremony. I love working with the countryside and sunlight, but I know I have a limited amount of time available. We get the shots we need and then get in my car and leave Castello di Casole. We go to the vineyard and cantina where they are having their reception dinner.

They are a small group but they really know how to party. The festivities are driven on by high energy Italian music. All the guests join in the celebrations. If you like this type of wedding, with a few guests or just the two of you, and you are thinking of getting married in Italy, then why don’t you elope to Italy.

Anyway, this was my first experience of this famous location. I am very much hoping that I will have another opportunity to photograph a Castello di Casole wedding.

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