Castello di Bibbione wedding

wedding portrait in Tuscany at sunset

An interesting venue to photograph at as it offers a combination of rusticity and elegance so it allows the photographer to make a choice and tell the story in many ways. This was my first time photographing a Castello di Bibbione wedding and so I was excited by the novelty factor, I always get a kick out of photographing a location for the first time as I get to think on my feet and adapt to the situations as they arise.

The weather was predicted to be unstable. The day started well and promised to be fine but then the wind arrived and the clouds built up. The ceremony took place in an olive garden and for a moment we worried that it might start raining. After the ceremony and some refreshments I started to take some group photos and the weather gradually improved until the sun made a pleasant comeback just in time for a few photos around the grounds of the castle and nearby.

Dinner, speeches, cake cutting and dancing all took place in the courtyard under a starry sky.

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Jules Bower

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