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Castello Odescalchi wedding

Castello Odescalchi wedding

Castello Odescalchi wedding on Lake Bracciano about 1 hour northwest of Rome. The day starts in Rome at the 5 star Luxury Hotel Palazzo Dama. This luxurious boutique hotel is not far from Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps. Its central location is very convenient and the boutique hotel is a little oasis of tranquility in the busy city center. The day starts with some photos of the details as I wait for the groomsmen to arrive. Once they arrive, they help the groom with some finishing touches, they are all in very high spirits and there’s a lot of chat and joking between them. Once they are ready they all have a quick drink at the bar and then head off to the church. As soon as the bride has finished hair and makeup she gets dressed with her mother and a best friend, once they are all ready they enjoy a quick glass of prosecco Then her brother accompanies her to the church in a white Rolls Royce.

The church is the Chiesa di Sant’Anna inside the Vatican. This little church is full as this is a large wedding with many guests. However, the ceremony is led by a cardinal and is amusing and engaging for everyone involved. Everyone enjoys it.

Castello Odescalchi Wedding Reception

After the ceremony, because of the close timings we leave Rome immediately. We journey to Castello Odescalchi on Lake Bracciano to continue the wedding there. As we arrive at the castle the weather threatens to ruin this Castello Odescalchi wedding as it pours with rain. It is autumn and already 6.00pm so it is already dark. I work very quickly in the rain to grab a few photos of the couple. Once I have these done they go off to join their guests for an hour to enjoy their company and the food and beverages. This wedding has a party atmosphere to it as we have many international guests and a large South American contingent who are enjoying the festivities and getting to meet the Italians.

HOLA! feature on Castello di Odescalchi wedding

Due to a large number of guests at this Castello Odescalchi wedding they are dining in The Hall of the Caesars. The room is full of round tables and a head imperial table at the end of the room. The stone busts (of the Caesars) are all around the room and provide a suitable reminder of our location and proximity to Rome. I photograph the floral centerpieces and the room before the guests enter. Once everyone is seated for dinner the bride and groom make a grand entrance. The dinner flows beautifully and a tenor and two sopranos sing and provide wonderful entertainment throughout.

Towards the end of the reception, it finally stops raining. Just as well, seeing as we go to the courtyard to cut an impressive cake. As they cut the cake there are fireworks. Everyone heads down to the “Armeria” for cake, desserts, coffee, cocktails, and dancing!

This Castello Odescalchi wedding was a memorable experience, if you are looking for a venue for a castle wedding in Italy you may just want to consider Castello Odescalchi.

(Thanks to Marco Abbatangelo for the aerial photos).

This wedding has a cover image and 7 pages in HOLA! South America. You can see the feature here.

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