Italian Wedding Photographer

Featured – Orient Express Highlights Magazine

The Orient Express name is synonymous with class, elegance, luxury, and in general a lifestyle that most of us can only dream of… I have often dreamed about taking one of their famous trains on a exotic journey somewhere savouring a taste of another era but I think these will remain just a dream!

Over the years I have photographed events in many of their luxury hotels in Italy and so I am very pleased to see that they have featured 2 of my images in the latest edition of “Highlights” magazine which has been dedicated to “Celebrations”. It looks like I was also the only photographer whose image got a double page spread too!

Orient-Express-Highlights-Magazine-cover Orient-Express-Highlights-1 Orient-Express-Highlights-2

Jules Bower

Italian and destination wedding photographer Jules Bower photographs weddings in Italy, Europe and worldwide. His unique approach and expertise arrive from not only an obsession with photography but also because he owned one of the first and most successful wedding planning agencies in Italy.

“Beauty exists everywhere. It’s my job to find it.”