Pre Wedding Rome

pre wedding photos in Rome at the Colisseum

Pre wedding Rome – A very cold Rome was the backdrop for this pre wedding shoot. The couple were very brave as they are from Singapore where it is hot all year long and so taking photos in near freezing temperatures took some courage! We visited the Colosseum and had some fun taking photos around it while lots of people congratulated them. The architectural sites and monuments and fountains around Rome are very popular with tourists and so it is not always easy to get a shot with no one in the background so a little patience is required. They are also filming for the latest Bond film so some of the locations we planned to visit were not available and so we had to improvise and visit some other places.

You can’t tell that we were all cold and suffering because we had fun and took breaks here and there to warm up!

Here are a few words from this lovely couple:

The photos are stunning! I ran through the pictures over and over again to appreciate the colours, the textures, the contrast. It is exactly what we were looking for! A really good mix of classic simple elegance. We got our fountain. We got our colosseum. And more. Shaune and his Sartorialist shoes. The cold chilly 3 degrees wind that actually provided good photo effects like the wind on my hair and dress. Oh and the sundown shots – we get what you mean now.

You were really the perfect photographer for us with your tenacity and unflagging commitment and passion to getting the right shots. Kudos. A big thank you. These are going to be a never ending memory for us to recall our honeymoon in Rome.

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Jules Bower

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