Countryside photo session in a quiet location

Countryside photo session in a quiet location

This countryside photo session is an example of a pre wedding photo shoot. It’s a relaxing itinerary in an area that is not too busy.

getting ready for the photo shoot
bridal portrait near window
ready for the first look

To start, preparations are made at their accommodation. Once the couple are ready I take a few photos of each of them and then they have a “first look”. This is the fun moment where they see each other for the first time all dressed up in their formal clothes.

Short Photo session at the villa.

Before we leave I take some photos in the grounds of their accommodation as it is a lovely spot. The gardens are quiet and there are some good locations for images. Actually is is a great location for a small chic wedding.

stroll around the villa
photo in the Italian garden
relaxing farmhouse location

Cute images in a Poppy field!

We have the opportunity to visit a small medieval town and take some photos in the small streets and squares. However before we get there we take some photos in a lovely romantic poppy field.

poppy field

In the town we have a look change so they are more comfortable as they wander around the streets and enjoy and ice cream and some of the atmosphere and architecture.

Countryside Photo Session.

Next, we move to the countryside where we focus on a small area that offers attractive but varying scenery. The goal is to avoid spending too much time in a car and spend more time taking photos. So, we finish our countryside photo session with old cypress tree lined roads and olives and vineyards.

portrait on a cypress tree driveway

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countryside photo session

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