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Lake Maggiore wedding at Villa Rusconi Clerici

I went to this wedding on Lake Maggiore with some apprehension about the weather seeing as all week it had rained and been uncharacteristically cold. Needless to say when I arrived everything was still up in the air as although it was sunny there were still some storm clouds blowing around the lake.

The ceremony was held right in front of the lake and was beautifully conducted by Blessings from Italy. There was a worrying moment right in the middle of the ceremony as it started to spot with rain but everyone took it in good humor and thankfully it didn’t persist for long.

This was the first time I had attended a wedding with a sand ceremony and it provided some interesting photos so keep an eye out for those in the slideshow below.

Thanks guys for letting me do my thing! You gave me free rein to do what I wanted and placed yourselves in my hands. It is not often that clients give me total freedom. In this case they even let me do some evening photography which is rarely a possibility due to the time constraints of dinner and having to be present for the guests. I personally think the photos are more important as there’s always another day to see friends and family but no other chance to take the wedding photos, sure I am biased, but that’s just because I want to take more photos. Have a look at the slideshow at the bottom of the page to see more photos from this wedding. Here are some of my favourites.

I look forward to my next chance to do some wedding photography on Lake Maggiore.

Here’s a full gallery:

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