Vincenzo Dascanio Workshop

Stunning dinner setting at the Vincenzo Dascanio Workshop

I was invited to photograph the first Vincenzo Dascanio workshop in Milan at the Four Seasons. This is Vincenzo’s first workshop and it coincides with him celebrating twenty years of career in flower design and event production.

The workshop lasts 3 days and takes place at the Four Seasons in Milan Italy. The attendees to the workshop get to work on a real project together with Vincenzo and his team as they follow his principles of “Transforming The Space”. Over 3 days they work incredibly hard to completely make over two standard hotel functions rooms into enchanting visions.

Vincenzo Dascanio Workshop Format

Day One of the Vincenzo Dascanio workshop starts with a lecture by the man himself. He talks about his career and the decisions he makes to get the clients he wants as well as the sort of clients that want the Vincenzo Dascanio experience. After the morning lecture, there is a lunch break and then works starts. The 40 plus attendees are split into groups and are have various tasks to complete. Everyone works hard and there is a good team spirit.

Work in progress at the Vincenzo Dascanio Workshop

On day two, the work continues as support structures are built, panels line walls, lighting and cabling are positioned, and so on. Towards the end of the day the rooms start to take shape.

Day 3 is frantic as the designs near completion, the students cut and place flowers under Vincenzo’s expert guidance, they prepare compositions and vases and help with the setting of the tables.

After lunch, there is a lecture by the highly acclaimed Sarah Haywood. She is one of the top wedding planners in the world and it is great for the students to listen to her speak and present her vision.

During the rest of the afternoon, the finishing touches are made to both rooms, the band and entertainment sound check and rehearse. In conclusion to the workshop, there is the gala dinner and party. The students are invited to attend the festivities and about 100 extra guests are invited.

It was a pleasure to photograph the Vincenzo Dascanio workshop and work with his wonderful team again.

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