Church wedding at Il Borro estate

dinner on the terrace and cocktails in the Italian garden at Il Borro

A fantastic couple, a beautifully organised event, a wonderful location. Every time I go to a wedding at Il Borro it is a different experience and I learn something new. With about 200 people present at the event it was a slightly larger wedding but the nature of Il Borro means that it works well for small groups of 30 people to larger groups in excess of 300. I have photographed weddings with both few people and hundreds and it has always been a great success.

The ceremony took place in the church that lies at the centre of the village of Il Borro and the bride arrived in a vintage Fiat 500, the road to the village is quite narrow and so the only cars that can arrive are small ones such as the 500 or a Mini Cooper. Arriving to the piazzetta with the car leaves only a few steps to the church.

After the ceremony and the rice and petal throwing we all made our way back to the villa to start the aperitivi that took place in the Italian garden. The dinner was on the mid level terrace and was beautifully decorated and lit with candles. The cutting of the cake and dessert buffet took place back in the Italian garden and then there was the disco back on the terrace where dinner was held.

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Jules Bower

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