il borro wedding

Il Borro wedding - Classic elegant wedding

Il Borro wedding - Weddings at the Ferragamo estate are some of my favorite weddings. The Il Borro estate offers so much potential for wedding photography. Everywhere you look there is something gorgeous.

This venue offers many possibilities and ways to organize and plan your event. You can get married in the church, gardens or terraces. You can eat on the top terrace, in the Italian garden, in front of the villa, inside the villa or Limonaia or use one location for the aperitivi, one for the dinner and one for the dessert.

Il Borro also has extensive grounds that are very exclusive. Finding interesting locations for photos is easy, having enough time to visit all of them is another matter!

To conclude the day and start the party there was a great fireworks display. Here are a few photos from this wedding at Il Borro.

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Jules Bower

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