Frequently Asked Questions

Albums / Art Books

How long does it take to receive our album?

You should receive your album about 2-3 months after your event.

Can we choose the photos that go in the album?

Yes that is part of my service.

Do you offer albums or books?

Yes, I offer a Fine Art Book which is a digital wedding book style of album. I use a combination of photojournalistic and artistic imagery and personally design the art book layout specifically for your images.

Can we see a proof of the album design and then request changes?

Yes you will see a proof of the album before it goes to print and you can request changes.

Equipment and Technical

What equipment do you use?

I use Canon cameras and currently shoot with the Canon 1DX which is the current Canon flagship camera in as much as it is the best they offer. I also use the Canon 5D Mark III. I use a large selection of lenses and generally shoot with prime lenses. These are lenses with a fixed focal length as opposed to zoom lenses. A prime lens only cover one focal length such as 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm etc. These lenses are much better quality than zoom lenses as they only have to do one focal length. It is much easier to make a high quality lens that only covers one focal length than a lens that has to cover a range say from 24-70mm. Also high quality prime lenses offer wider apertures which can create the desired smooth background look or “bokeh” and also alow me to shoot in low light conditions. The downside is I have to carry more equipment and I have invested much more money in my lenses. I am not prepared to compromise on quality so I am happy to do this.

Do you bring backup equipment?

Yes, I bring 3 camera bodies to a wedding as you never know what might happen. I also use various lenses and bring at least 5 or 6 to a job. I also have spares of everything else that I use as I prefer to be prepared and concentrate on the photos rather than be concerned about my equipment.

I use cameras that record to dual media slots, this means that every photo that is taken is recorded to 2 separate cards simultaneously. This way I automatically have a backup of a photo as soon as it is taken thus reducing the possibility of image loss if a card should fail.

What size/quality are the pictures?

The files are 5184 x 3456 pixels; these are high quality jpeg files that you can open on your own computer, they are not watermarked or protected.


We need two photographers can you bring someone else?

If you feel that you need another photographer present at the event then we can discuss this. I have photographed weddings with 400 people present and covered everything on my own, every single wedding on my website was photographed by me on my own. Generally I prefer to work alone however I do accept that there are some locations where perhaps it would be good to have another photographer as logistically they are far apart or demanding in some manner. In these cases I prefer to talk about it as often after discussing it we may find that an extra photographer is no longer necessary we just need to organise things so that I can photograph everything.

Do you have any advice for choosing a photographer?

Choose a photographer whose style you like and primarily base your choice on the style and quality of their photos.

Make sure you can communicate with them easily as being unable to talk to someone will only create an awkward feeling. Better yet if you get on well with the photographer you choose then it’s more likely you will be comfortable with their presence on the day thus leading to a relaxed photographic experience.

Choose a photographer with a regularly updated website as this shows they are working and active. If the photographers portfolio is small then I would suggest you ask to see further examples of work as anyone can buy a camera, shoot a wedding, and find a few good shots in a few thousand. Look for a large body of consistent work.

Make sure the photographer you choose is actually the photographer who will be photographing your wedding as some studios use multiple photographers and send who is available on the day. All photographers have a different eye and style so this might lead to you getting a different result to the one you originally chose.

You need to trust and believe in your photographer to allow them to do their job. If the discussions prior to the booking are difficult and I get a sense that you don’t fully trust me or believe in my ability to photograph your event then I will most likely suggest that you find another photographer with whom you do feel 100% comfortable as this is very important in order to get good results. I want you to get the best photos possible and it doesn’t matter whether they are mine or someone elses.

Beyond the fact that you are getting married the most important thing is the photos. After all as the cliché says “when the music has stopped and the flowers have wilted the only things left are memories and photos”.

Is there a discount available for a weekday?

There is no discount for a weekday as many people get married in Italy on weekdays. Seeing as most of my clients come from abroad they might arrive on a weekend as the rentals of the villas are normally from Saturday to Saturday, this means that weddings are also very common from Monday – Friday.

Does our wedding/event cost less if we only require you for a short amount of time?

I do not give discounts for a shorter amount of time as I only accept one wedding/event per day. Even if your event only takes 3 hours between the travelling to get there and back there is no way that I would ever do more than one wedding in a day. I believe in quality not quantity. Fortunately, I am very busy and have many requests. Unfortunately many of these requests are for the same day and so seeing as I work alone and always photograph every wedding myself I can only accept one wedding per day. It would not be very good business practice for me to give a discount for a shorter job and then receive a request for a big wedding where I could have earned my full fee.

Does our wedding cost less if we are only a few people?

I cannot give a discount for smaller groups as I can only shoot one wedding a day, therefore it wouldn’t be good business for me to give a discount for only 2 people when I could easily have an offer for a wedding with 100 people.

Did you take all the photos on your website?

Yes. Every single photo on my website was taken by me.

Do you give the RAW files?

I do not give the RAW files and this is standard policy among professional photographers. You receive high resolution JPEG files that are perfect for making large prints and enlargements if needed.

Are the files watermarked?

The files are not watermarked or protected in anyway. They are high resolution JPEG files that can easily be printed in large format.

Do you only do weddings in Italy?

No, I’m available for weddings anywhere in the world.

Do we get all the pictures?

You will receive all the original files on DVD’s or on a flash drive. These are high resolution photos in JPEG format that you can print in large sizes.

Depending on the wedding this can be from 500 – 1000 photos. You also receive a selection of images that are edited and retouched and placed in a separate folder on the same media. You also receive the original versions of these images as well as the enhanced versions.

Do you work alone or with another photographer?

I prefer to work alone as I find other photographers are a distraction. Sometimes I have a non photographing assistant to help with logistics such as driving, parking, or moving equipment.

Please can you suggest another photographer?

I am sorry but I am not familiar with other photographers work and I prefer not to make recommendations as I feel that it is a very subjective issue and so what one person likes another may not. Also, I prefer not to make recommendations as I would still feel partially responsible for the outcome, I would not like to recommend someone and then you were not happy with the results.

Do you speak English fluently? Do you speak other languages?

English is my mother tongue. I also speak Italian fluently.

Payment / Booking / Contract

How do we book you for our wedding?

Please send me an email expressing your interest to engage my services, let me know the date and location. You can contact me through my contact page.

I will then send you a booking form. Once you have filled this in and emailed it back to me I can then draw up the contract between us. Once I receive the signed contract back the date and service is confirmed.

How much in advance do we need to make the booking?

I take my bookings on a first come first serve basis so I recommend booking as soon as you can in order to avoid disappointment. Bear in mind that the high season for weddings is from April – October and the most popular days are Saturdays, although in Italy any day of the week is a popular day for a wedding seeing as people travel from abroad and many have accommodation that is on a Saturday to Saturday rental. Generally people book about 12-18 months prior to their event.

Do you keep the photos on archive indefinitely?

Once you receive your photos it is strongly recommended that you make extra copies of them. I suggest you transfer the images to a hard disk either internal or external for viewing as reading the large high resolution files from the DVD’s can be slow for some computers. I also recommend that you make some backup copies of the photos either on DVD’s or external storage devices.
I keep your images on file until you acknowledge receipt of them, 1 month after you acknowledge receipt of the images I no longer guarantee that I will have them. Should you fail to acknowledge receipt then I will keep the images for 3 months after which I no longer guarantee that I will keep the images. After 3 months I do generally keep your photos on file but in the event you lose your copies I cannot not guarantee that I will still have them when you come back to me.

Photography and Style

How do you work and what can we expect from your coverage of our event?

I work around your event and in the background and let things flow, I will step up and direct you if I see that this is needed or requested. Pretty much the whole service is photojournalistic apart from the group photos and then your photos together where we might go somewhere away from everyone else to get some privacy and also because I am sure wherever you are getting married will have lovely locations in and around it or nearby that we can use as backdrops.

My approach and philosophy towards wedding photography is that at a wedding there is never enough time to photograph everything; we have to prioritize things in order to ensure that you get photos of what you feel is most important to you and not waste time doing things that perhaps on reflection are less important.

What is your photography style?

To some up my style of photography I’d say “it is fashion oriented modern contemporary classical candid pseudo photo-journalistic reportage portraiture with details…” At this point I can hear you cry “What on earth is that!” What it means is that I don’t like being categorized and I do not believe you can completely photograph a wedding in one style of photography so you have do them all in order to get the most extensive coverage of probably the most important day of your lives so far.

I leave you to enjoy your wedding day without having a photographer in your face, I prefer to work unnoticed from a distance to capture emotions and spontaneity, most people say they were unaware of me at work. However, if necessary I will guide you and do my best to make your day go perfectly.

Will you photograph every person at our wedding?

If you are a very small group, say 15-20 people then I don’t mind taking a photo of everyone as long as I feel that the other areas of the event have been covered sufficiently. At any wedding my priority is the couple and close family. Hopefully you book me as I offer a style of photography that appeals to you, please understand that my priority is to obtain these images for you and not pass my time snapping a photo of everyone there which anyone is capable of doing.

Do you photograph the details?

Yes, but I prefer to concentrate on people as I feel they are more important than a placeholder or napkin ring. If I have time I will photograph the shoes, dress, jewellery etc at the beginning before you put them on but without sacrificing other aspects of the photography. Likewise if there’s time and I am satisfied with the photos we have together then I will go and photograph the reception hall and some details. But generally details are not my priority; you are more likely to enlarge a gorgeous photo of yourselves or a relative rather than hang a large picture of a bouquet on the wall.

Do you do group/family photos?

Yes, absolutely. Although I will ask you to present me with a list of the requested groups prior to booking and there are certain group shots that I won’t do as I feel that my time would be better spent capturing other images. A lot also depends on how much time you have allocated between the wedding ceremony and the reception. I try to make the group photos fun and relaxed also I tend with smaller groups to get in closer as I prefer to see people’s faces and not what shoes they are wearing.

Post Processing / Retouching

Do you edit/retouch the photos and to what extent?

I edit and retouch a selection of images in Photoshop. I select the images that I feel are the stronger images and that also would lend themselves to the creation of a fine art book. The selection of the images and the extent of the retouching is at my discretion.

I generally work on various aspects of an image including the color temperature, contrast and brightness; I may also do some skin retouching however this will be a light correction that is not a full fashion style of editing to give porcelain skin. In fashion photography the images are all air brushed to perfection but often the air brusher is paid a lot of money to work on just one image that will be used from the shoot.
It is impossible to expect that all of the wedding photos will receive this level of work. I may also edit out objects if I feel removing them would improve the image. The level of skin retouching and air brushing is entirely at my discretion. For example please do not expect me to retouch tan lines, you should avoid creating any in the months prior to the event. Also, I will not retouch skin lines, folds or creases in the flesh caused by the dress, I will not retouch hair problems as your hair should be fine if they have been correctly styled in the first place.

Please do not expect me to alter your body shape. These are a few examples but I reiterate “The level of skin retouching and air brushing is entirely at my discretion.” For examples of the editing that I do please have a look at the images on my websites.

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