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Florence Four Seasons wedding

Florence Four Seasons wedding  – The weather was supposed to be poor and it was but this didn’t dampen the spirits at this wedding. I started the day with the grooms preparations, his young son who was to play a very important part in the day helped him get ready. I then went to the bride who was getting ready on the other side of the hotel. We arrived at the Chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano and an emotional wedding took place. Just as the newlyweds exited the church it started to rain, and then the storm arrived with heavy rain and strong winds.

Unfortunately the aperitivi which should have taken place in the gardens with a view of the Duomo di Florence were moved inside to a considerably inferior alternative but then we swiftly moved for dinner in the very unique setting of the Conventino Ballroom which is a former church now deconsecrated.

Food, wine, entertainment, speeches and dancing followed and luckily it finally stopped raining so that it was possible to see the fireworks and cut the cake in the garden before heading inside again to party. Here are some photos from this Florence Four Seasons wedding.

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  • Elisa Peroli
    August 7, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Wao, amazing photos! congratulation!

    Elisa Peroli
    Director of Catering & Events
    Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

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