Do you edit/retouch the photos and to what extent?

I edit and retouch a selection of images in Photoshop. I select the images that I feel are the stronger images and that also would lend themselves to the creation of a fine art book. The selection of the images and the extent of the retouching is at my discretion.

I generally work on various aspects of an image including the color temperature, contrast and brightness; I may also do some skin retouching however this will be a light correction that is not a full fashion style of editing to give porcelain skin. In fashion photography the images are all air brushed to perfection but often the air brusher is paid a lot of money to work on just one image that will be used from the shoot.
It is impossible to expect that all of the wedding photos will receive this level of work. I may also edit out objects if I feel removing them would improve the image. The level of skin retouching and air brushing is entirely at my discretion. For example please do not expect me to retouch tan lines, you should avoid creating any in the months prior to the event. Also, I will not retouch skin lines, folds or creases in the flesh caused by the dress, I will not retouch hair problems as your hair should be fine if they have been correctly styled in the first place.

Please do not expect me to alter your body shape. These are a few examples but I reiterate “The level of skin retouching and air brushing is entirely at my discretion.” For examples of the editing that I do please have a look at the images on my websites.

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