Do you speak English fluently? Do you speak other languages?

English is my mother tongue. I also speak Italian fluently.

Please can you suggest another photographer?

I am sorry but I am not familiar with other photographers work and I prefer not to make recommendations as I feel that it is a very subjective issue and so what one person likes another may not. Also, I prefer not to make recommendations as I would still feel partially responsible for the outcome, I would not like to recommend someone and then you were not happy with the results.

Do you keep the photos on archive indefinitely?

Once you receive your photos it is strongly recommended that you make extra copies of them. I suggest you transfer the images to a hard disk either internal or external for viewing as reading the large high resolution files from the DVD’s can be slow for some computers. I also recommend that you make some backup copies of the photos either on DVD’s or external storage devices.
I keep your images on file until you acknowledge receipt of them, 1 month after you acknowledge receipt of the images I no longer guarantee that I will have them. Should you fail to acknowledge receipt then I will keep the images for 3 months after which I no longer guarantee that I will keep the images. After 3 months I do generally keep your photos on file but in the event you lose your copies I cannot not guarantee that I will still have them when you come back to me.

Do you do group/family photos?

Yes, absolutely. Although I will ask you to present me with a list of the requested groups prior to booking and there are certain group shots that I won’t do as I feel that my time would be better spent capturing other images. A lot also depends on how much time you have allocated between the wedding ceremony and the reception. I try to make the group photos fun and relaxed also I tend with smaller groups to get in closer as I prefer to see people’s faces and not what shoes they are wearing.

Will you photograph every person at our wedding?

If you are a very small group, say 15-20 people then I don’t mind taking a photo of everyone as long as I feel that the other areas of the event have been covered sufficiently. At any wedding my priority is the couple and close family. Hopefully you book me as I offer a style of photography that appeals to you, please understand that my priority is to obtain these images for you and not pass my time snapping a photo of everyone there which anyone is capable of doing.

Do you photograph the details?

Yes, but I prefer to concentrate on people as I feel they are more important than a placeholder or napkin ring. If I have time I will photograph the shoes, dress, jewellery etc at the beginning before you put them on but without sacrificing other aspects of the photography. Likewise if there’s time and I am satisfied with the photos we have together then I will go and photograph the reception hall and some details. But generally details are not my priority; you are more likely to enlarge a gorgeous photo of yourselves or a relative rather than hang a large picture of a bouquet on the wall.

Do you give the RAW files?

I do not give the RAW files and this is standard policy among professional photographers. You receive high resolution JPEG files that are perfect for making large prints and enlargements if needed.

How long does it take to receive our album?

You should receive your album about 2-3 months after your event.

Can we see a proof of the album design and then request changes?

Yes you will see a proof of the album before it goes to print and you can request changes.

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