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The Extraordinaire is a team of like-minded individuals who share the same beliefs and approach to designing and creating events. The Client is King and we settle only for Beyond Extraordinary to Satisfy our Clients.

Extraordinary doesn’t mean huge budgets, it means getting it done perfectly.

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Background & Concept

Sabrina Carbone and Jules Bower were the founders of one of the first wedding planning agencies in Italy. They sold their successful business in 2009. Sabrina went on to work in fashion and design and Jules focused on his passion – photography.

Jules Bower’s obsession with photography and events has led him to develop his own unique style and vision. Having owned a wedding planning company and being a photographer means that he has an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge about weddings and events. His insight into weddings is unique, after all, most wedding planners have only ever organized their own events in their own way. Jules Bower owned a wedding planning company, designed events for many couples, and has worked with dozens of wedding planners all over the world whilst photographing weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

Over the years he has always striven to improve his craft as he truly believes that the most important part of an event is the photography. This is not an arrogant notion; it is based on the fact that you will spend a huge amount of money on your celebration and the only thing that you will have to show for it is the photos. It is imperative that an event is organized with this in mind so that the photos truly capture the beauty of this special occasion. The music will stop, the flowers and decor will disappear, the memories will linger and then fade but the photos remain forever.

In the past, he has experienced too many events where things have been planned by people who lack the ability, vision, style, and skill to conceptualize and execute an event to its utmost potential. All it takes is a poor location for the ceremony, bad lighting or unrealistic timings and the photography is compromised.

It is this idea that has led him and his wife to develop a new concept in event design. By putting together a team of artists, where each individual aspect of your event is curated by people who are experts in their own sector and they all share a commitment to excellence and bring their own style and flair, we can then oversee this team to create and manage an exceptional event.

When things are organized correctly and executed properly the photography will in turn benefit.


“Simple is Sophistication.”

Our Services

A fully comprehensive event planning service. We will work with you from start to finish. We discuss with you your ideas and budget and then we guide you through the entire process. We give you all our knowledge and experience and once you have made decisions we manage all the rest. We assist you constantly. We provide full support and complete management of your wedding and events from their inception to a perfect conclusion. Your rehearsal day/welcome dinner and wedding day will be overseen by an on-site coordinator.


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