Hampshire Wedding Photographer – Four Seasons

Hampshire Wedding Photographer – Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is one of the premier destinations for a Hampshire wedding photographer to visit. It was a thrill for me to do this wedding as I was born not too far away from this venue and so it was great for me to return to a location that holds so many memories for me.

The couple is delightful. Indeed some of the nicest people I have ever met. They give me complete control and cooperation.

The Four Seasons Hampshire

Located in a rural setting, the venue is an accessible location not only for locals but for plenty of people from London as it really is quite close to the city and easy to reach. Lovely countryside surrounds the Four Seasons and affords it with a high degree of privacy. The Four Seasons is also one of the leading wedding venues for any Hampshire wedding photographer.

The day starts with the men enjoying a little clay pigeon shooting. There is a lovely air of competition and camaraderie as they mess around but secretly try very hard to hit their targets! The ladies are relaxing and quietly preparing in the comfort of their rooms and suites.

I use the impressive stairs to take a few photos of the bride’s dress and then get a few pictures of some accessories.

Getting ready

The guys are excited, and I enjoy taking a few photos of them, helping each other out with their bow ties and boutonnieres. You call tell they are brothers as they have a great connection. Once they are ready, they head off to meet the guests before the ceremony, and I go to see the bride. The girls are prepared to help her into her lovely dress and finish getting her ready. I take the necessary photos, and then we all move to the ceremony.

incredible wedding ceremony

The Ceremony – Hampshire wedding photographer

This is my first time photographing an Iranian Bahá’í wedding, so I do not know what to expect, but I have to say that the poise and elegance and emotion of the ceremony is totally exquisite. The feeling of joy that everyone shares as they participate in their union is uplifting.

The garden ceremony is an experience that I will always remember for its emotion and unique intimacy. As a photographer, I have been to many weddings, but all the guests at this Hampshire wedding are so connected to the couple that I can really feel the genuine love and appreciation of the moment.

Hampshire wedding photographer Four Seasons

After the ceremony, we have family photos and also a few portraits for the couple in the lavender garden. Next, we all go to the back of the Four Seasons, and everyone enjoys refreshments. Before dinner, I take the couple for another short walk to take a few photos at sunset, and then the rest of the evening is taken with dining and speeches.

They have a cake cutting and then dancing until late.

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