Venice wedding photographer

Romance on the canals at a Venice wedding

As a Venice wedding photographer, I capture beautiful images on your big day using the incredible surroundings of this romantic city.

If you have never been to Venice then it is important that we discuss your plans and talk about the options available. If we talk about your wedding I can help you make a plan to get the best photos we can in this incredible city.

In order to get the best photos, we need to avoid the tourists. We can easily do this if we visit authentic areas, quiet canals and back streets that the tourists don’t discover and ruin. The famous spots are definitely worth visiting too but you need to know what to expect.

Oh, and by the way, I am a Venice Italy wedding photographer – not Venice California! Believe it or not, I have received a few requests from people confusing the two!

Why have a wedding in Venice?

Venice is certainly an original backdrop for your wedding. There is something so romantic yet slightly mystical and magical about the city on water. Venice fascinates and mesmerizes at the same time.

The history, monuments, art, architecture, music, lifestyle and essence of Venice are undeniable.

Venice is a very popular destination. A destination wedding in Venice can quickly become an unpleasant experience if you don’t either prepare yourself for the tourists and accept them or better yet avoid them. Huge amounts of people can easily stress you on your wedding day and we don’t want that. Thankfully, it is easy to avoid the famous sites where the majority of people gather. If you step into the side streets and wander the back canals you will see the real Venice. There are many little squares and with typical narrows streets and bridges connecting them. Walking around these areas you will see the locals living their daily lives and you will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere that Venice offers without thousands of tourists destroying the experience.

venice wedding photographer

What type of Venice wedding ceremony?

You can have a civil wedding in Venice at the town hall or a church wedding in one of the many incredible churches. Many people also choose to have a symbolic blessing ceremony in Venice.

My favourite churches are:

A symbolic blessing ceremony this can be done anywhere and there are many beautiful halls in the hotels and palaces. A few places also have some outdoor spaces and gardens but being Venice they are quite limited.

Eloping to Venice is such a romantic idea and you can easily have your intimate wedding on a terrace overlooking the grand canal or other amazing sites.

My venue suggestions for a destination wedding in Venice

A great venue will not only host a dream wedding for you but it should also lend itself to great photos. In Venice you also need to consider the logistics of moving from place to place as most likely you will need to travel on water. Think about where the wedding ceremony will take place and then consider each hotels location and surroundings.

Here are some venue recommendations

Why do you enjoy being a Venice wedding photographer?

As a wedding photographer based in Venice, I am lucky to work in an incredible location. If you have never been to Venice I would put it on your bucket list. For me, it is a once in a lifetime thing to do.

For me, Venice wedding photography is about the charm, character and essence of Venice. I want to capture these elements and the best way is to walk around and get away from the tourist spots. I like to find the pulse of Venice in its narrow back streets and canals. I have spent time wandering and learning the different areas of the city and the lovely surprises around many a corner.

I also suggest trying to get on the water in some way, whether it be a gondola, or a water taxi as this opens up a whole new perspective of the city. Drifting along a quiet narrow canal will certainly give you privacy. It also gives you a whole new viewpoint to enjoy the charm and character and atmosphere.

Below are examples of my work as a wedding photographer in Venice Italy.

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