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Tuscany is one of my favorite places in the world to photograph a wedding. Tuscany wedding photography is an opportunity to photograph my couples with stunning backdrops such as rolling hills, pristine vineyards, sunflowers, period villas or medieval country churches surrounded by olive groves or seasonal crops, even old ruined farmhouses tucked down country lanes.  Imagine having your photos taken during a spectacular sunset whilst strolling on tree-lined driveway that leads to an ancient villa.

My experience is that couples who choose to have their wedding in Tuscany wish to take back with them memorable photos that have captured the essence of the location and the spirit of the occasion. I like my photos to show that you are in Tuscany otherwise it just looks like you got married anywhere.

When debating the time of year for your wedding in Tuscany you are probably going to consider from April to October inclusive. In the spring months of April and May Tuscany is green fields with wild flowers in bloom. In June and July in some areas there are fields of sunflowers and the landscape is more yellow and more golden as crops have matured and the sun has scorched the landscape. In August and September the vineyards are laden with grapes and the farmers start to plough the fields. In October the tones are autumnal with some browns, red and purples as fall starts.

Tuscany is a region with many different sceneries but be careful some people don’t realise how much of it is thick woodland and forest. If open vistas and rolling hills are what you want then research the area around the proposed wedding venue to make sure it is what you are expecting it to be.

My site contains many examples of wedding photography in Tuscany, among these are villas such as Villa Mangiacane, Il Borro, Villa Catignano and castles like Castello di Vincigliata, Castiglion del Bosco, Villa Petrolo and Castello Il Palagio. You will also find symbolic blessings in more remote places, civil and church weddings from Florence, Cortona, Certaldo Alto and many other places.

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