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Of all the wedding destinations in Italy, my favorite is Tuscany. The light, art, architecture, countryside, and landscapes of Tuscany are inspirational. When I photograph weddings in Tuscany, I use the olives, cypress trees, white roads, rolling hills, vineyards, and gorgeous sunsets to create works of art that capture your location. The photos need to show the location, otherwise, you may as well stay home!

My Experience as a Tuscany Wedding Photographer

My experience as a Tuscany wedding photographer is that couples who choose to have their wedding in Tuscany want memorable photos that capture the essence of the location and the spirit of the occasion.

I like my photos to show that you are in Tuscany. Otherwise, it just looks like you are having a wedding anywhere. You are having a destination wedding in Italy so let’s show the destination!

Imagine taking your photos during a spectacular sunset whilst strolling along a tree-lined driveway that leads you to an ancient villa.

Picture yourself holding each other as you gaze across the rolling fields and valleys while the warm sun kisses your faces.

Tuscany is one of my favorite places in the world to photograph a wedding. I love the countryside and outdoors and am never happier than when I am working with nature and shooting a wedding.

Why get married in Tuscany

Being a wedding photographer in Tuscany is an opportunity to create photos with stunning backdrops. Quite simply, rolling hills, pristine vineyards, sunflowers, period villas, medieval country churches, olive groves and seasonal crops, even old ruined farmhouses tucked down country lanes are all perfect backdrops for your photos.

When to have a wedding in Tuscany?

April, May – Spring

When debating the time of year for your wedding in Tuscany you are probably going to consider from April to October.

In the spring months of April and May Tuscany is green fields with wild-flowers in bloom. Most places will start their high season in May so you may find some deals in April. However, April and May are spring months so even though temperatures can be lovely, the weather can still be variable and rain is a possibility.

June, July, August – Summer

In June and July summer is in full swing. The temperatures in late June and July can be high but that’s great for when you are lying by the swimming pool on your other days. In areas where there are rolling hills and agricultural land you can expect golden fields of wheat and barley until they are harvested either in late June or July. Sunflowers are planted as the second crop and so they are often seen in July and into August.

In August the farmers plough the fields but the vineyards are now ripe with grapes and you can still find sunflowers in some places.

September, October – Autumn/Fall

They harvest the grapes in September. The temperatures drop a little but are very pleasant. The heat of summer should subside. Around about mid September it starts to get cooler in the evenings.

In October the weather can still be great but it will be cool in the evenings so if you want to dine outside you may need some heaters. October is also no longer high season so you can get a better deal too.

Where to get married in Tuscany?

Tuscany is a region with many different sceneries. Be careful some people don’t realise how much of it is thick woodland and forest. If open vistas and rolling hills are what you want then research the area around your wedding venue. Make sure it is what you are expecting it to be.

Tuscany is a large region and some venues are quite a long way from Florence. I like the rurality and remoteness of some places but make sure you do too. I suggest you choose what you really want for a wedding venue, don’t let others influence you. Trust me… even if it is off the beaten path they will still come to your wedding. After all, it is a wedding in Tuscany!

My favourite locations as a Tuscany wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer Tuscany is inspiring and I have been blessed to work in many incredible places.

If you are having a smaller wedding then you can choose from thousands of lovely farmhouses and private villas.

In my opinion here are some of the best locations for a wedding in Tuscany. These are also some of the most popular venues so expect them to be very busy!

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