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wedding photographer in Rome - La Doce Vita!

As a wedding photographer Rome in Italy is a fantastic experience. You can often hear people referring to Rome as the “Eternal City” or “La Città Eterna”, visiting Rome and immersing yourself in all the culture and history is unavoidable as world-famous monuments surround you everywhere you go.

Rome is a romantic city; full of passionate Italians that give it a sense of life and character that is quite unique.

Your wedding photos can include some of the amazing iconic landmarks, whilst capturing the essence of “La Dolce Vita” – “The Good Life”. The bar and cafes in the squares, the Vespas and scooters, music and art, and of course the food and wine are all essential elements to a wedding in Rome.

Why get married in Rome?

Rome has a strong religious significance to many people. Catholics from all over the world come to Rome to visit the many incredible churches and Basilicas. Many choose to have their wedding ceremony in Rome because it is the home of Catholicism. Some even choose to celebrate their special day by having their wedding ceremony at the Vatican.

Rome is well connected, it’s easy to get to. Rome is also a great starting point to then visit more of Italy. You can easily grab a train to the Amalfi Coast, Florence. Milan. So if your wedding is just a weekend break then it is an easy destination to get in and out of (especially for your guests), and if you are able to extend your stay there is plenty to see and do whether you spend further time in Rome or head off to explore Italy.

Rome has good weather and is often sunny even during winter. Remember Rome is a large city so you need to understand that it will be a city wedding and not a wedding in the countryside. There are some places that have gardens and more greenery but don’t expect rolling hills and vineyards!

Villa Aurelia wedding in Rome

As a wedding photographer in Rome which are your favorite places?

My favourite location for a wedding in Rome is Villa Aurelia. The villa is really quite central and so a great location. It is surrounded by its own gardens that give it a very exclusive and private feeling.

Villa Miani is also another popular destination and works well for very larger wedding parties as it has a lot of space.

If you like the idea of castle wedding then you could consider Castello di Odescalchi. It is located to the north west of Rome near Lake Bracciano. It is about a one hour drive to get there.

Which are the best locations for pictures as a wedding photographer in Rome

Obviously, Rome has some amazing places for potentially epic wedding photos. Rome is a lot of fun but you need to be comfortable with being a public spectacle if you intend to have wedding photos taken at the famous monuments. The Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi fountain and Spanish steps are all amazing places but the last two, in particular, are always overrun with tourists, the Trevi fountain in particular has so many tourists that it is also inevitable that you will find street hawkers, vendors and also beggars, if you don’t mind this sort of thing on your wedding day then we can squeeze through the crowds to get some photos.

The Colosseum is much quieter and I recommend staying further back to avoid the tourists and performers dressed as gladiators. Rome is a beautiful city and we can also get great photos in just about any typical Roman street.

If you really want to get some amazing pictures at some of the famous spots then you should consider doing a second photo shoot on another day so we can take the time and also schedule to be at the right place when there are fewer tourists around.

Rome wedding photographer at Castello di Odeschalchi

As an experienced wedding photographer in Rome do you have any advice for us?

Here is a quick list of things to expect and consider when planning a wedding Rome.

  1. Rome is a capital city. Expect it to be busy. Don’t forget that this means a lot of traffic. So if you are moving around by car and it is rush hour expect delays. If you are having a church wedding in Rome and then moving outside Rome to another destination you need to allow plenty of time for traffic.
  2. There is a strange thing that often happens at church weddings in Rome. Wedding photographers in Rome seem to know when every wedding is happening. So when you arrive at the church with your photographer there may well be another photographer already there. This person will take a few pictures at the start of your wedding and then disappear, then at the end of your wedding as you exit they magically reappear and have already printed some images for you or your guests, they will try to sell them to you or your guests… No, I am not kidding this can happen. It is avoidable but for people that are organizing their own weddings, it often happens. Of course, you just ignore them and continue on with your day having fun!

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