Italian Wedding Photographer

Florence wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer Florence is undeniably a great location. If you are thinking about getting married in Italy there are many reasons why Florence may be the ideal place.

Florence Wedding Photographer Venue Suggestions

There are some great venues available in or near Florence. Some of the more notable locations are:

Please remember, if you wish to have your wedding in Florence then it will not be possible to have photos of vineyards and the rolling hills. Florence is in Tuscany but is a city, so if you wish to have photos in the countryside you may want to add a photo session on another day to take more photos in the world-famous scenery of Tuscany.

Otherwise, you could just have your wedding in Tuscany.

Wedding Photographer Florence – Photo Opportunities

On your wedding day, you may like to take a stroll around the city center. This will easily take us to some of the most famous locations. Many couples visit the Uffizi, Piazza Della Signoria, Piazza Della Repubblica, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and Piazzale Michelangelo for their wedding photography in Florence. Photography in Florence city center is a lot of fun, but there will be a lot of people around.

Florence is a major tourist destination. So, if you are shy, and don’t like people looking at you in your wedding dress then you may want to avoid some of the busy areas. I will discuss this issue with you. Depending on where you are having your wedding/reception we can choose where to go and what you prefer.

I like to take photos without complete strangers in the background, I am very good at this but of course, if you want a photo with a certain location it sometimes isn’t possible to avoid the public. So, by having a good chat about it I will learn what is important to you and be able to adjust my approach on the day.

As a wedding photographer in Florence what is your favorite time of year?

Any time of year is a good time for a wedding photography in Florence! Seriously, being a city we don’t have to worry about the trees not having leaves and the countryside looking barren.

A winter wedding in Florence is a great idea. Sure the days are shorter and it can be very cold but you expect that so don’t let it put you off. Cold but sunny days are very common in Italy.

Spring, summer and autumn are all equally wonderful times of the year in Florence. It can get really quite hot in July so you may want to avoid the city if you don’t like high temperatures.