Castello di Vincigliata spring wedding

Castello di Vincigliata was the destination for this wedding, the castle lies on the hills overlooking Florence and is about 25 mins from the city center. Before we went there we had to take care of one small detail… the wedding in Florence town hall! The town hall is called the Palazzo Vecchio which literally means “Old Palace”, it is a very large fortress-palace that you can find in Piazza della Signoria with its copy of Michelangelo’s David statue.

The wedding took place in the town hall in the Sala Rossa (red room). Afterwards we went for a walk around the quieter backstreets of Florence, the more famous areas can be very busy and are not for shy people as you will definitely be the center of attention, the tourists tend to be in the more famous areas particularly around Ponte Vecchio, la Galleria degli Uffizi (very famous art gallery), il Duomo and other top spots, as soon as you wander a few streets back from any of these destinations there are plenty of quieter corners. After our gentle stroll we jumped in the car and went to Fiesole and Vincigliata.

The castle lies in a wooded area on top of a hill but sits just high enough to afford some wonderful views of Florence which lies below. Here are a few photos from this wedding.

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