A wedding in Fiesole

Just outside Fiesole on the hills overlooking Florence is Villa di Maiano. Villa di Maiano is a very popular villa for wedding receptions but today we are starting at the accommodation that lies behind the villa, the Fattoria di Maiano.

The bride and groom are getting ready in the apartments of this lovely farmhouse. They have chosen to get ready here as the church where they will marry is on the same property and so they can just walk around the corner and into the church. The groom gets ready in his apartment and then he meets the best men in the courtyard to finish getting ready. Meanwhile, the bride is in her own apartment, once she is ready she meets her father and surprises him with her gorgeous dress before the head to the church.

Wedding in Fiesole at the Chiesa di San Martino a Maiano

The ceremony takes places at the church Chiesa di San Martino a Maiano, not to be confused with the Chiesa di San Martino a Mensola which is two minutes down the road.

After the ceremony, it only takes 5 mins to drive to the Italian castle venue for the reception and party.

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