castello di vincigliata wedding

Castello di Vincigliata

Castello di Vincigliata is a very popular destination for weddings in Tuscany. You will find the castle only 20 minutes from Florence city center. Castello di Vincigliata sits on top of a hill located near Fiesole and has commanding views of Florence and the surrounding areas. Because of the views and fact that the castle is in the countryside, but close to the city, many people choose to have their wedding there as it is a logistically easy option.

The castle is only a reception venue as it does not have any accommodation, however, this is not a problem due to its proximity to Florence and Fiesole.

castello di vincigliata wedding

For ultra high end accommodation you can review the Four Seasons Florence, Villa San Michele and Il Salviatino. These three 5 star options are very close to Castello di Vincigliata. For slightly more economical alternatives you can also find the Fattoria di Maiano (this is next to the Villa di Maiano which in itself is an amazing wedding venue). There is also FH Villa Fiesole Hotel. If you are happy to stay in Florence city center, you will find hundreds of hotels covering all range of styles and budgets.

castello di vincigliata wedding

Church weddings are possible in a few select churches in Florence. For Castello di Vincigliata weddings there are two churches that are conveniently 5 mins from the castle. Closest is San Martino a Mensola, a little further away is San Martino a Maiano. They are both very convenient if your group is not larger than about 80 -100 people. Civil weddings are of course done in Florence at the Sala Rossa.

castello di vincigliata wedding

Castello di Vincigliata wedding photographer

If you wish to have your wedding ceremony at Castello di Vincigliata then there are three main options. You can set the ceremony area on the main terrace under the castle. Or, you may prefer to use the castle courtyard for the ceremony. A few people also use the upper access level but this is, in my opinion, the less attractive choice.

The castle courtyard is stunning when it is full of tables and decorated for your reception, with terracotta candles lining the inner walls it creates a very romantic setting.

At the back of the castle there's a marquee structure that is for the reception in the event it is too cold or wet to eat in the courtyard, this is a good option if the weather doesn't cooperate. If you do manage to eat in the courtyard then this area is ideal for the music and dance area.

castello di vincigliata wedding

Castello di Vincigliata wedding photography is definitely about the castle. After all, a castle backdrop is a romantic one! Immediately outside there's not much but dense wood. However, it is easily possible to do all your photos at the castle. Should you wish to visit some countryside we can take a car to a nearby olive grove. As a Castello di Vincigliata wedding photographer, the venue excites me as it offers wonderful views, amazing atmosphere in the courtyard and interesting combination of architectural and environmental portraiture.

If you want an alternative to Vincigliata that's a bit different you can check out this other location for a castle wedding in Tuscany.

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