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Intimate Abbey Wedding

This was a lovely wedding for a stylish couple. They chose the chic Borgo Santo Pietro resort for their stay in Italy. The resort is a very secluded and high end location only a fews minutes from the incredible ruins of the San Galgano Abbey. Preparations took place at Borgo Santo Pietro. Once the groom was ready he drove off the the abbey with his brother and best man where he waited patiently for the bride.

San Galgano Abbey weddings are an amazing experience as the old ruins of the abbey are a very impressive stage for an Italian wedding.

After the ceremony we went for a few photos in the countryside, there wasn’t much available in the fields as by late August the crops have been harvested and many fields are already being laid to rest and ploughed over, however we still found a few spots for some fun photos. This couple hired a classic car which always makes a great prop for photos and this vintage Mercedes was a beauty!

Here a few images from this Borgo Santo Pietro wedding.

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This Borgo Santo Pietro wedding has also been published in Signature Weddings Magazine.

Signature Weddings Magazine signature-wedding-page-1-s signature-wedding-page-2-s

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