My Portfolio

My portfolio is a small selection of images but it will quickly give you a good feel for my use of color and composition and general consistency of style. You may also like to view the galleries of the different parts of a wedding where you will also find lots of useful advice.

My Style

I capture the beauty that exists around us. You may not see that beauty but it’s my job to find it! Color is my thing as that’s how we see the world. I see an amazing sunset and I want to photograph it and capture it exactly as I see it.

If I have to choose two words that describe my style they are:

  1. Genuine – definition: “Truly what something is said to be; authentic.”
  2. Timeless – definition: “Not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.”

I believe my work is genuine and authentic as I don’t apply filters, blurs or effects that distort reality. Instead, I just shoot it how I see it and then use a little post-production to restore the images to an accurate representation of reality. This way, you will view my photos and feel like you are there as you relive the moments.

My images need to be timeless as I don’t want you to look at them in 10 years time and cringe as I used the trend of the moment… I want them to look great even for your grandkids!

Browse my Portfolio

If you like what you see then I suggest you head over to my wedding galleries where you can browse hundreds of examples of full weddings so that you can then get an understanding of how I photograph a wedding from start to finish.

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